Mason Bees

May 21, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Bees were desperately searching the two hotels on the left, but they were all fully booked. No room at the inn!

A couple of days ago Brian came to the rescue, and a new hotel was made. This a.m we received our first buzzybee resident, and already have an almost complete nest. Brilliant! and well done Brian ❤

Video: first buzzybee resident

Almost done. The egg has been laid and the little mud wall is almost complete.

Wall finished, and a new pollen nectar nugget of food will now be placed here. Our Mason Bee will reverse in and lay another egg on top of the food ready for when her larvae hatches. She will then also seal this chamber to keep her offspring safe until it emerges as an adult bee. A mason bee will lay as many eggs as she can in the few weeks of her short life: pollinating many flowers as she goes.

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