Mandrill Blues

Dec 11, 2021 | Fine Art Prints, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

This is my most recent pastel portrait on a black background.  He’s taken far longer than expected to complete due to continuing family health issues, but he was a pleasure to portray. Black backgrounds offer a different approach artwork-wise and I was keen to explore the distinctive and contrasting blue and red skin of this handsome male.

The mandrill, with its colourful facial features, is the largest primate of the Old World monkey family.  Even though mandrills can appear quite intimidating, especially when bearing their incredibly long, sharp canine teeth, they often only do this as a friendly gesture. They are mainly herbivores and their diet consists of fruit, fungi and roots, but they will also sometimes eat small vertebrates, and lizards. Mandrills are adapted to live on the ground but seek shelter in the treetops at night and the rainforests of Cameroon, Congo, and equatorial Africa are their home.

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