Larry Snoozing

Apr 18, 2023 | Family, Larmer Studio, Wildlife

April 9th
On the way home tonight after a successful Sydney Pip. bat release, Brian said: ‘How long do you think it will be before you get another one?’ ‘How long will you be bat free?’ 9 p.m Just curled up, munching on cheese and biscuits and my phone pinged. Bat with an injured wing needing help.  The poor bat arrived the next day but he’d been cat-attacked and was so badly injured he sadly had to be pts.

April 13th
A brown Long-eared bat has been watched for a while alternating between sitting on a small wall, flying down to a lawn, sitting on the grass for a while and then struggling to fly back to the wall – then down to the grass again. The bat is now with me. My newly rescued brown long-eared bat is receiving 4 small feeds, including rehydration fluid, each day.

Successful night in the bat flight for Larry, my brown long-eared bat – he flew nonstop and am sure he will be going home very soon. At the same time, a couple of pips were busy darting around above the garden, and it was also lovely to hear a Greater Horseshoe bat fly across.

Update: Larry progressed really well and was successfully released back home in Wincanton on May 1st.

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