Koumori Free

Sep 21, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Before and after ‘Koumori’ photos.

30th August – Koumori on arrival and in need of help. A very unhappy, dehydrated, underweight, and poorly bat.
21st September – A lovely transformation. After weeks of warmth, care, and good food – Koumori, our lovely healthy Brown long-eared bat ready for release.

This poor little bat had been trapped behind a steel guarded shop-front over the Aug. Bank Holiday weekend. When rescued, he was underweight, dehydrated, and didn’t open his eyes properly for days. If a BLE is relaxed and not physically stressed his ears are normally relaxed as in the 2nd photo.  Koumori has gone from strength to strength, he’s been flying well, and is a good weight. He is as ready as he possibly can be for the winter months ahead.

Tonight we drove to Sturminster Newton to release Koumori, my sweet-natured BLE; then it was back home again to feed my two other bats, Bryony, a Pipistrelle, and Iggy, Barbastelle.

Fly free, stay safe Koumori x

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