Oi…Joey…. it’s time to go

May 5, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Joey refusing to wake up.  I needed to give him a drink and a little feed before being released tonight. He was so snoozy, but eventually stirred and ate.

It was a lovely evening as we headed off to the highest village in Dorset. On arrival we walked through unknown woodland to find a meadow and a copse close to a barn where Joey was found on the stable floor in December.

We eventually found the spot and I clambered over a fence into the beautiful meadow. The sun was going down and joy of joys… a pip was flying above me. Joey sat in my gloved hand for a little while and then excitedly took off …the two bats flew up to one another and the first bat said: ‘wow… good to see you, where have you been all this time?’ Joey replied: ‘I was nearly stood on by a horse, I was put in a bucket, I escaped and a man caught me in his big hands. I was hurting and couldn’t fly so I’ve been taking it easy. Nice weather isn’t it?’ I then heard a couple of feeding buzzes before they both flew up high and away above the trees together. 🙂

An excellent release, I couldn’t have wished for better for him, plus we heard more bats on our way back to the car. Stay safe sweet Joey.

The only downside is that the woman that owns the stables doesn’t like bats, and didn’t want him back….hence the release was completed quietly, safely, and surreptitiously. 🦇❤️🦇

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