All Systems Go!

May 21, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

The roof is on….yay!! and I was summoned to the bat flight today.  I was invited to decide where my bat boxes should go and what a lovely feeling that was. I have five or six storage boxes filled with all my old bat flight gear: feeding and water dishes (that either hook onto the mesh or sit on a flat shelf), my special nighttime bulb for attracting insects, my bat-safe compost bin for breeding fruit flies; a water tray, plus three bat boxes. It was an absolute delight to rummage through and set it all up.

None of the wood used in the flight is treated as this would be toxic for our bats. As the roof only covers half the flight; the floor has now been fitted with a couple of meshed areas for drainage: safe for our bats, should they ground. So it’s all systems go and a great feeling that my bats can now fly safely in as near-natural environment as we can provide.

Flight Safety Porch



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