Waiting for Mum

Jun 29, 2020 | Family, Wildlife

A quick catch-up to say that for the last two nights we have visited the house where our rescued baby bat was found.  On both evenings our pup sat patiently on her heat-mat waiting for  mum to come and collect her.  On both occasions, a Pipistrelle bat flew-in close to our pup, obviously curious, but then sadly flew away.  As this was the third night for the pup without a mum, and as the weather has been unpredictable; alternating twixt windy, wet and chilly, we feel that mum is either no longer with us, or for whatever reason, has given up on finding her pup.  It is a sad situation, as any youngster or baby has a far better chance of survival if with its mother.

So am now in for the long haul here.  Hopefully and eventually, we will return to the house to release a healthy full-grown female Pipistrelle bat – capable of feeding and living an independent and happy life.

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