Aug 22, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Am devastated.  On Saturday p.m, Tinkerbell, one of the orphaned pups I’ve been raising since June and was so close to release, had to be pts.  She sadly fell from her bat box as I opened the door to feed them, early on Saturday evening. I think she may have been sleeping on the inside of the bat box door, close to the floor of the bat box, and just fell as I opened it.  She sustained a broken wrist from hitting the hard wooden floor and I knew she would never fly again … it was the saddest thing to have to do.

Hence am now looking for outdoor, soft, waterproof flooring.  It means extra costs on top of the flight costs already incurred, but I never want this to happen again. Am absolutely devastated.  I’ve been bat caring for 15+yrs, and this has never happened before – just an awful accident.  I often spread a counterpane across the floor to be on the safe side when pups are in the flight for the very first time.  Though thankfully, they have become proficient in the puppy playpen; then the mesh tent; and by the time they progress to flying high in the flight, the counterpane isn’t necessary.  Thankfully a bat has never dropped from a bat box before.

Am struggling to find something that is soft to land on and also weather resistant. And any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Update: It’s taken approx. 3 weeks to finally find something that appears fit for purpose and within our price range. Not sure how long it will last but it would have saved dear Tinkerbell had she landed on it in August. I have placed coir fibre matting underneath the carpet for extra padding.

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