Girl Teamwork

Jun 5, 2017 | Diary, Larmer Studio

On my way home from the studio, it was raining and the light was fading.  I drove around a steep corner and was confronted with a huge branch lying across my side of the road. I parked up with my hazard lights flashing and spent a while trying to move it, but it weighed a ton. Whilst trying to work out what to do a small red car came whizzing round the corner. Thankfully the lady driver was able to stop in time. She suggested we could move the branch between us – but it wouldn’t budge. I then spotted an old yellow ‘Diversion’ sign under part of a tree on the roadside, covered in weeds, and suggested that we could use that to warn people. As I lifted the tree just a few centimetres she slowly but surely managed to work it free. The lady left saying she would phone the police when she got to a place with a mobile signal. I stayed put, fought the sign and managed to open its legs and hook it over the huge branch so that folk would see it as they came round the corner. Whilst doing so, two other cars arrived, both with male drivers, and both drove round the tree, glanced at me whilst I  stood there looking like a drowned rat, and continued on their way. Another car arrived with another lady in it and she stopped and asked if she could help. On my way home I stopped off at the woodman’s house and he said he would use his Land Rover and a chain to drag it out the way.   I was cold, drenched but really glad the branch was now being sorted. It could have proved fatal as the light faded.   My joy is that those that stopped to help were ‘the girls!’. 🙂 Maybe the men didn’t want to get their hair wet.

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