Froggy hops

May 12, 2022 | Family, Wildlife

Mum Pip and pup together this p.m, in the dining room, in the soft padded puppy playpen. Berry, the mum, has just flown, which is good. She’d been cat attacked and couldn’t move well back in January. Little Jonesy pup is stretching his wings, doing press-ups and froggy hops. All good stuff!

Then a little later…..

Sat typing at my desk with the light rapidly fading outside, and I thought: cripes that’s a big bat that just went past the window. I carried on working and as it went past again the following thought was that it didn’t really fly like a bat, but being a batty enthusiast, thought I should stop working for a min. to see. Exciting stuff 🙂 As I went to stand up, it flew past the window again, but this time it turned at an angle and all I could see was the dark sharp silhouette of its beautiful scythe-shaped wings. My heart leaped with joy🥰 as I shouted downstairs to hubby…..’It’s a swift!’
Absolutely stunning sight and so dark outside too….Wow! 🙂 N’th Dorset/S’th Wilts border.

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