Jul 20, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

A new addition to this month’s finances. I needed new ‘Handling Bags’ to help keep my batties calm when weighing them before and after each meal. It also prevents escapees as they can tuck away in the folds of the bag, for a few minutes whilst I transport them back to their pens or to and from exercising in the Bat Flight at night.

Am also saving up for medical supplies that are now running low, plus a Soft Pet Carrier, for sale on eBay. Am in need of another smaller soft fabric mesh cage so that they can progress from the faunarium, at newborn stage, to having a little more room to exercise and investigate, whilst also still being able to snuggle up and snooze on a heat mat…. in preparation for flying practice in the Puppy Playpen. Lots of muscle building, flying practice, and maneuvering skills are to be learned before they can fly free and back in the wild.


Mealworms (Jan) £7.33
Mealworms (Feb) £7.76
Mealworms (Feb) £5.93
Oralade (Feb) £5.85
Mealworms (March) £7.76
Feeding Dish + Tweezers £8.79
Mealworms (March 18th) £5.93
Mealworms (April 2nd) £5.00
VetArk Zol CalD (April 12th) Calcium +Vit. D £16.16
Mealworms (April 13th) £2.25
Mealworms (April 20th) £2.25
Floorboards £70.00
Wood frames £155.00
Timber £41.00
Plastic Mesh £32.00
Laths £37.00
Plastic Mesh – 1x10mtr roll (needed extra 20mtr roll but thankfully we had mesh from our old flight. £32.34
Laths (Larch bundles) £54.00
Nuts, bolts, roof bolts £24.00
Polycarbonate corrugated roof  – May 13th £34.00
Water-based paint 5 litre – May 20th £18.18
Galvanised Mesh Netting – Flight – June 20th £20.98
Floor Grid Drains – June
Mealworms – May 5th £5.93
Mealworms  – May 25th £7.33
Bat Detector Batteries – June 6th £9.68
Mealworms  – June 16th £5.93
RC Babydog Powder – June 25th £12.33
Miracle Nips & Syringes – July 6th £19.99
Mealworms – July 7th £5.93
2 BTO Small Handling Bag – July 14th £8.80
Mealworms Maxi Pack – July 22nd £7.33
Thick Gloves – Protection Lg. Bats – July31st £41.95
Exo Terra Water Dish – Aug. 9th £13.24
Exo Terra Mealworm Feeder –  Aug. 11th £6.09
Mealworms – Aug. 20th £7.50
Mealworms – Fruit Flies – Aug. 20th £7.67
Carpet Samples  –  Aug 28th £0.99
Polycarbonate corrugated roof – Sept £34.00
Mealworms – Sept 1st £2.50
Coir floor covering – Sept 7th £22.49
Waxworms – Sally – Sept 9th £5.00
Oralade – Sept 10th £6.04
Outdoor Carpet – Sept 10th £41.94
Emeraid – Sept 11th £13.63
Mealworms – Sept 12th £7.50
To collect and release bats. Collect meds. etc. Unknown
Total  £


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