Exercise pens over the years

May 1, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Years ago, I rescued 5 orphaned bat pups and knew that they would eventually need a flight in which to learn how to catch insects and feed on the wing.  After much searching we were lucky to find an old, small bat flight… thanks to a bat friend and wildlife photographer, Ben.  Brian renovated the flight; eventually extending it, and it worked well for my pups. We even used it to house and raise 3 rescued orphan peachicks, but over time it has slowly deteriorated beyond repair.


Over more recent years family health issues have dominated our lives and on a temporary basis we have since been using a room we call a bat gym. The room has sufficed, but it was never going to be suitable for pups and bats needing to learn how to hunt and fend for themselves in the wild.

As soon as I know that a rescued injured bat is making good progress, I first exercise them in a soft, puppy playpen.

When they can manouvre without difficulty, they are then test flown in the safety of a net tent.

After many years of use, my white tent finally fell to bits and was replaced last year by a taller, larger mosquito tent.

With so many rescue pups and bats arriving we knew we needed a proper bat flight, as soon as possible, and have been on a mission.  With the remaining funds received from donations last year: (and a huge thanks to Margaret, Bridget, Katie, Julie, and Tim)……we started building our new bat flight.

Once completed, we will be in a position to share the flight and help other bat carers with rescues also in need of outdoor flying space.  If you can spare £1 … every £1 donated will go toward the flight and helping our rescues. All help would be truly appreciated….and thanks so much for your consideration and time.


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