Fools, Horses and Bats

Jun 2, 2021 | Wildlife

Eventful and long night.

Over the past few weeks, Bucksy, my brown long-eared bat, has been flown regularly here at home, and on Mon. night, I took him to a large purpose-built bat flight in South Dorset to see how he coped. His torn ear is still of concern, but as the injury is close to the tip, I hope it will not affect his hunting abilities. He flew strong and well in the flight and will be released soon.

On the way home, we had arranged to release another brown long-eared bat called Rupert on behalf of EDBRR. The release site was out in the sticks. Rupert’s release went well. He sat in my gloved hand, and the lady was delighted to see him close-up before he stretched his wings and flew free again. It’s always a heartwarming feeling and sight. I shone my torch round in the night sky to make sure Rupert was flying well and so that the lady could watch as he did a fly-by.  I then promptly keeled over backward – stiff as a board – in a moment reminiscent of the famous Only Fools and Horses sketch. It still makes me laugh, and thankfully we’ve both since laughed about it. She said she turned and wondered where the hell I’d gone to. 🙂

What with Brian being tired and having driven all that way, and me feeling wobbly and also extremely tired, I am pleased to say – it was a successful evening – 🙂 and we finally managed to crawl into bed at 12.30 a.m.

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