Early A.M Start

Jun 22, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

A good start to the day in the studio, followed by an early a.m telephone call.

Introducing baby Barnaby, a wet and cold Pip. pup in a very wet Tupperware box: found last p.m and delivered this a.m.  Please always remove the water dish before transporting bats.

Initially, Barnaby was extremely reluctant to feed,  but I finally managed to get a little milk into him and he started to perk up: hence the photo. But I fear his little insides may have already started to shut down. I’ve since been attempting to feed him a little and often – but to no avail, and I’ve just found the poor little thing on the floor of his pen. He’s still with us, but at this moment am not holding out much hope.

A fellow carer recommended rejuvenating fluid and eventually mixing his milk with it and thankfully it worked and he became more active. I’ve continued with two hourly feeds and at 2a.m baby Barnaby was hanging-up bat-like/tucked-up on his heat mat.🙂  I’ve fed him again and his weight has increased from 2.22g to 2.58g. 🙂 Little Barnaby is still with us and appears to be on the mend.  Fingers crossed!

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