Mar 1, 2023 | Diary, Family, Wildlife


Studio Distractions. Difficult to focus on work at times and I feel I should apologise and explain why my studio work has gradually come to a halt.  Sadly, my precious Other Half is seriously ill. He has been slowly deteriorating over the past few years. We know that it is not going to improve and I have been doing all I can to help him through the numerous hospital appointments and these difficult times. Along with many others, we have also had to take great care especially with Covid lurking about. We have laid low and so far have managed to avoid further respiratory infections.

On a totally different tack, many people also don’t realise how devastating the virus could be for our bats. Humans can give Covid to bats, and if a human-infected bat was then released back into the wild it would have devastating consequences for our bat populations. Bats are already declining in numbers, along with all wildlife, and they need all the help they can get. Bats are also already totally misunderstood furry flying mammals; sadly many people are scared of them and what with the prejudice, and misinformation re how Covid supposedly originated, it has been a bad few years for bats.  So I’ve been doing all I can to protect my husband and my rescued bats.

This time last year Brian was determined to finish the bat flight for our rescued bats.  I can’t believe it was almost a year ago, and am so glad we built it when we did. My poor fella’ was struggling to breathe even then, and am so grateful to him for what he did, and achieved ❤️… and am sure my little furry flying buddies are too.

So what with Brian being so poorly, and more and more bats needing rescuing: due to lack of food and extreme weather conditions, my studio and website time has been limited.  I am still receiving and accepting orders, and I look forward to portraying new wildlife portraits as soon as possible. Take it easy, wishing you good days, and wishing you all well. xx



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