Clever Li’l Jonesy

Jun 18, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife


Even though mum and pup were self-feeding in their pen at home each night; the bat flight is completely new to them.  They have now adjusted to their new environment and are flying brilliantly;  but our little bats are not aware as yet that the food dishes in the flight contain their mealworms. We’ve basically gone back to ‘square one’ as they are now learning new skills – one step at a time.

To ensure they stay in good condition I am continuing to monitor them: weighing, feeding, and giving them water by hand  – it always takes time and patience, but it is worth it. When they can manouevre and catch insects in flight; and are capable of fending for themselves as they would in the wild, they can then be released and fly free.

Li’l Jonesy’s first attempt at using the feeding dish in the bat flight. He ate briefly; then quickly returned to the safety of his bat box. Bless him!

Video: First attempt at feeding in the flight.

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