Ship-Shape Studio

Apr 3, 2020 | Diary, Larmer Tree Studio

Smart new Studio but unfortunately due to C19 – no visitors..

A quick update to say my Studio is now ship-shape.  My recently dry cleaned curtains have been  rehung; the water stains almost removed.  I’ve basically been waiting for another downpour to test whether or not the repairs have worked, but as no rain has fallen since the work was done, and as more dry weather is ahead of us…. decided to put everything back in place.  It has been a busy week and it is great to be able to move around without having to climb over boxes of stuff.  I’ve even managed to do a bit of drawing.   Meanwhile my lovely husband has been working in the garden.  Turf has been laid, overgrown shrubs cut back and weeds removed.

My heart goes out to those in Wales and up north still struggling to get straight after the floods at the beginning of the year. Covid 19 has taken all media attention away from the nightmare situation they all found themselves in.

Wherever you are in the world…..Stay Safe Folks!

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