BOGOBF (Buy One Batbox, Get One Bat Free)

Jul 21, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife


An interesting start to the day. I have collected a new bat box and a rescued pipistrelle at the same time… a different sort of BOGOF deal: Buy One, Get One Free!  Coincidentally from the same address too.

The finder has named the little bat, Ness. Sadly it appears that Ness has a fractured radius. It is really difficult to see as the area is close to her elbow and filled with blood. Back at home, she has been given painkillers, anti bio’s, and a tasty drink.  Am not sure whether she has been hit by a car, or cat attacked; there is a little bit of blood on her underside; she has definitely been cat attacked previously and has a damaged wing membrane, so she has already been through the wars and survived.  Meanwhile, I’ve decided to try and organise an X-ray with the vet; I don’t want Ness to suffer, but then again I don’t want to have her pts if there is a chance she could recover.  Throughout the day she has had more meds. food and warmth and we’ve been given an appt. to see the vet, early evening.

Update: I have just returned from the vet. Little Ness has been pts. Sadly her forearm was fractured. With this new and serious injury she wouldn’t have ever flown again. It is 21.00 and am finally having a quick bite to eat, then off to feed the pups and feed the two in the bat flight. Sorry I couldn’t help you Little Ness.


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