Aug 28, 2020 | Family, Wildlife

A knock on the door on a Saturday night. Apparently, early that a.m an estate worker, with an interest in bats, had been called re: a bat that had been found tucked behind a tin of gravy powder in the local golf club kitchen…. hence ‘Bisto’… a somewhat appropriate name suggested by a friend.   Presumably the bat had inadvertently flown into the kitchen the night before.  The est. worker kept the bat in a box for the day, intending to release it that night.  As the bat was not looking good and the weather was really cold and windy; he thankfully decided against it and knocked on my door instead. The poor Pipistrelle bat was definitely not fit enough for release; he was underweight and it transpired he also had a digestive problem.

Seven days later, am pleased to say the bat was much improved.  His digestive problem had been resolved and he had put on weight.   I was already caring for a number of bats, so took him along with the others for a test flight courtesy of Sally at East Dorset Bat Rescue. He whizzed around non-stop in the large bat flight – his flight pattern and agility so fast that I realise now he could well have been a Nathusius Pip.  I was so busy with the other rescues though that I forgot to check him out or photograph him and as the weather was good the following night I felt confident about releasing him. As soon as he had his bearings and could hear other Pips flying around: he took off like a shot.  It is always a lovely sight and feeling.  My only regret is that Bisto will be forever my ‘mystery Pipistrelle bat’.

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