Birthday Girl

Dec 29, 2022 | Family, Wildlife

Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Screen Cage Large 46x46x91cm

Excited, like a child….up early to take the bins down the track.  Not normally up so early – it was still dark, but lovely, and it’s my birthday.  As my rescue batties are in need of extra space in which to recuperate, I am hoping I might be lucky and receive a ReptiBreeze.  For many years I’ve been using Flexariums which have been ideal, safe areas, in which rescues can stretch their wings whilst they get better. Unfortunately, Flexariums are no longer produced and even though the Reptibreee is expensive it appears to be the best substitute and will hopefully last many years. Also, little Sydney bat is now self-feeding, she has given me the gift of time, another special birthday pressie.

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