Bat Release – Little Amal

Aug 27, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Just returned from a brilliant release. As soon as we stepped out of the car a bat flew above us. Within seconds the detector picked up more calls. The finder was in the States and his mum greeted us. She made it clear she disliked bats.

Little Amal took off after a few minutes of sitting on the heat pad. She flew a little slowly at first, gained height, and was immediately joined by another bat. It was heartwarming to see and the detector continued picking up their calls. They flew around and above us together, and around and above the finder’s garden for ages whilst I chatted with the mum. By the time we left, she was listening to the detector, asking questions, and actually said it had been interesting. 🙂

Am sure she is still not keen on bats, but she was definitely not as resistant. Well done Little Amal, you and your buddies worked a little bit of magic on her tonight. 🦇🌟🦇

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