Bat No. 3.

Jun 27, 2020 | Family, Wildlife

Another call today re: a bat rescue.  A Pipistrelle pup was found crawling across a kitchen floor.  It appears she’d fallen through a tiny gap in the ceiling close to the boiler.  The lady of the house did all the right things: placed a folded soft cloth in a shoe box, plus a tiny capful of water to one side. She then placed the bat on the cloth, made air-holes in the lid, and making sure the lid was secure, (bats can escape through the tiniest of gaps). placed the box in a warm, safe and quiet place. She then started searching for help.

Unfortunately I didn’t know of the situation sooner but the bat was brought to me this a.m.  The little one is a very young pup, measuring approx. 3cm from nose to tail.  She has now been fed and is snoozing, tucked up safe and warm in a faunarium.  She will continue to be fed a little and often throughout the day – just as mum would do.  Have also arranged that tonight we will visit their home in the hope of reuniting mum with pup.

Update: Over the next two nights we attempted to reunite the little pup with her mum.  Sadly though, she was not collected, so stayed with us until she was fully grown, feeding independently and able to look after herself.




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