Another call today re: a bat rescue.  A Pipistrelle pup was found crawling across a kitchen floor.  It appears she’d fallen through a tiny gap in the ceiling close to the boiler.  The lady of the house did all the right things: placed a folded soft cloth in a shoe box, plus a tiny capful of water to one side. She then placed the bat on the cloth, made air-holes in the lid, and making sure the lid was secure, (bats can escape through the tiniest of gaps). placed the box in a warm, safe and quiet place. She then started searching for help.

Unfortunately I didn’t know of the situation sooner but the bat was brought to me this a.m.  The little one is a very young pup, measuring approx. 3cm from nose to tail.  She has now been fed and is snoozing, tucked up safe and warm in a faunarium.  She will continue to be fed a little and often throughout the day – just as mum would do.  Have also arranged that tonight we will visit their home in the hope of reuniting mum with pup.

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