Another rescue call this a.m

Jun 13, 2021 | Wildlife

Sunday morning and have just cleaned and packed all my bat gear away. Message on my phone, re: another rescue…. doesn’t sound good as two cats also live in the house. The Pipistrelle bat was found on the floor in the hallway. Am busy unpacking all the gear again,but not holding out much hope.

Update: As suspected, sadly the bat had been cat attacked.  He had a broken humerus and finger. There were the tell tale cat-pin-prick holes in both wings plus a penny sized hole in his right wing.  He was pts.

To  stop bats being harmed, if you can bring your cat indoors all night when bats are most active that is obviously helpful.

If this is not possible, then to bring your cat in half an hour before sunset and keep it in for an hour after sunset. That can help tremendously, as many bats are leaving their roosts to forage and have a drink of water.

It’s important because from mid June until the end of August bats are feeding up, giving birth and looking after their babies. So anything you can do to help is appreciated.

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