Naked newborn

Jun 6, 2021 | Family, Wildlife

Am ranting. I received a photo saying “our first abandoned baby! Really, tiny, no fur. Can we save it?” I’ve explained to this person before what to do as they’d found a pup previously and sadly left it in the sun all day. I had been contacted much later in the day and drove over to find a dead pup in a box.

A week later another call from the same person to say a bat was in their shower room plughole. I again advised what to do, and as I was already feeding another bat my hubby went to collect it. Apparently, it had been left on a windowsill. No bat in a box, as arranged, they’d just left it out! Hubby hunted around, and bless him, he eventually found the little one on the ground in the undergrowth.

6/6/22 Call from same, asking if the naked bat in the photo could be saved? I replied, yes… and explained it’s a newborn. The response was ‘that it has probably been eaten because it’s now gone.’  Am livid. 🤬 They had taken its photo, and just left it, but then messaged to say it had disappeared! grrr!  I don’t know why they even bothered to contact me. This person obviously just couldn’t care less. Rant over.

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