Batty Hair Decoration

Aug 19, 2016 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Batty has been slow to fly but has been practising for a few hours each night in a soft mesh tent in the garden. For this reason, I was pleased to see him landing on the tent wall as I approached to bring him in this p.m. As I crawled in to get him, he took off, which was great to see, but I didn’t see him land so quickly withdrew from the tent in order to see more clearly; zipping it up as I stood back. Gut feeling suddenly kicked in and it struck me that he might not be in the tent… I very nearly lost him 😮 ….but by pure chance, found him again, almost immediately. My hair was in a loose ponytail and for some reason, I instinctively patted the hair on the left-hand side, and was immediately told off….lol!! The little monkey had thankfully landed in my hair, close to my neck and easy to rescue; a cute Batty hair decoration. A huge Phewf! T’was a joy and huge relief to hear his little chunterring squeaks… He is now happily munching his dinner, 🙂 and I reckon he is ready for the Bat Flight and proper flying practice. My Little Pip pup is going to start big school. ^o^

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