Bat cape on

Nov 7, 2018 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Have dusted-off my bat cape. 🦇 Received a bat rescue call this morning. Unfortunately, he was found yesterday afternoon but thankfully he looks okay, so fingers crossed.

It turned into a wildlife morning as en route I rescued a pigeon from the middle of the road; spotted a lovely heron sat in the village pond in the rain; and couldn’t believe it when a beautiful, large, healthy fox ran across the road in front of me. All such brilliant sights, but sadly, for the fox to be out mid-morning meant only one thing: rotten, wasted souls are about up at Larmer Tree. 😡👿  Couldn’t see any hounds in the vicinity so am hoping the fox stayed safe.

Back home again, and my bat hospital is now in action, and batty is lethargic, but safe, cosy and warm.

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