BAT CARE COSTS Sept. 2021 – Dec 2021

Mar 13, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Since I  first started rescuing bats, I’ve I have been covering the costs of my bat care work myself.  For this reason, I truly appreciate any donation received to help with my bat care.  100% of all donations are used for caring for and looking after my rescue bats, hence I thought it only right and proper to display my annual bat care costs.


Purchases: from Sept 2021
Exo Terra Standard Faunarium Small (Sept) £7.26
Mealworms (Sept) £5.20
Headtorch Batteries (Sept) £6.79
Mealworms (Oct) £7.00
Digital Thermostat Heatmat Controller (Oct) £16.98
Habistat Heat Mat (Oct) £15.30
Mealworms (Oct) £7.00
Nutrobal (Oct) £6.03
42 litre General Storage – Clear (Nov) 16.27
Storage Box 21 Litre Clear 21CCB (Dec) £18.99
Mealworms (Dec) £7.76
Exoterra Mini Faunarium (Dec) £2.99
9 Litre Plastic Storage Box Clear (Dec) £9.42
To collect and release bats. Collect meds. etc. Unknown
Total £126.99



At night, outside a bat roost.  An attempt to reintroduce a pup to its mum.  The pups can hear the bats in the roost, and call out in the hope that mum will come and collect them.

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