1st flight

May 22, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

It was raining last night so the bats had to cope with being in the puppy playpen indoors.

As it was dry and a bit warmer tonight, it was bat flight time. Both my little 🦇🦇 flew brilliantly. To my surprise, Little Jonesy pup (6 weeks old today) was the 1st to take flight, whilst Berry seemed quite content to sit in my gloved hand for a while – just taking in the views. 🙂 All went well.

…and then Blue Boy joins in frantling: trumpeting and singing from his nighttime roost in the Walnut tree. lol!! 🦚 Strangely some folks hate it, but we love it!  (Volume Up)

Video: Blue Boy Calling in the darkness

Berry is an excellent mum and is still feeding her pup, so they are both now back indoors, in familiar surroundings. After all the excitement Jonesy was keen to start suckling and they are now tucked up together on their heat pad. 🙂


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