Swifts are back

May 21, 2020 | Uncategorised

Prepared my rehab. bats dinner and then sat with her while she had a few minutes crawling exercise. Her leg appears to be slowly improving. Suddenly heard a brief screech outside and new immediately that we had a welcome visitor. Calmly put batty back in her clean pen and then shot outside. Sure enough…there were two swifts flying up to our nest boxes at the front of the cottage and screaming, as only swifts do, as they flew back and forth. Am sharing home news here, as it is exciting wildlife news and am unable to visit or share any Studio news. Whether or not the swifts decide to stay is another matter; they may juveniles, in which case they will just screech away happily and do fly-bys each day, but not nest. Fingers crossed that they decide to stay and nest with us this year.

Update: Since the beginning of the pandemic am pleased to say my Home news is also my Studio news.

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