Unusual nesting place

May 13, 2022 | Uncategorised

After our delivery, the gas man didn’t mention that he hadn’t shut the lid to the tank correctly. It was only later in the day we noticed, and then understood why he’d left it. To our surprise, and in the most unusual of nesting places, we found a nest tucked underneath containing 6 eggs. The metal lid had a bird-sized hole to one side, and the parents were using this as their entrance. To make sure the birds didn’t roast in the sunshine, Brian placed a stone to hold it open just enough for the air to circulate.

Days later we spotted both Pied Wagtail parents fly off to collect food – so we did a quick look-see. Kindly monitoring our gas levels for us was a nest of lovely Pied Wagtail chicks. 🙂 The parents did well and all successfully fledged.

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