Flying Free

Jun 15, 2020 | Wildlife

Lovely to see my 2nd rescued female Pipistrelle bat fly high and free tonight.

Just over a week ago she was cat attacked, but thankfully didn’t receive any serious injuries and has progressed well. I returned her to the area in which she was found; she knew exactly where she was and she was off!

Sadly, due to the Covid pandemic restrictions, the cat owner-finder couldn’t stand close-by when I released her bat.   It was lovely that she and her two children were able to watch from a distance though, as our little bat flew away and returned home.  Apparently they now keep their cat in at night and I just wish more folk would do the same.  So many bats perish or are injured each night due to cat attacks.  The greetings card displayed is my pen and ink drawing of a Greater Horseshoe Bat also flying free.  From the sale of each card a donation is given to East Dorset Bat Rescue.

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