Batty Business No.1.

Jun 7, 2020 | Wildlife

Sat in my mesh tent in the garden with my little rescue bat tonight. We did this on her arrival 6 weeks ago, and I realised then that she couldn’t fly and that the cat had either broken her pelvis or leg, as she could only crawl. So since then, she has been on forced rest.

We tried again a week ago, and she would attempt to take off from the ground, but sadly could only jump like a frog before dropping back down. I use the mesh tent rather than a bat flight, as it is a soft landing for poorly or injured bats if they cannot fly well, plus I can also see clearly any problems they may have.

I thought we’d try again tonight and am so pleased with her progress. She managed to push up from the ground, fly for a second and land 5-6 inches high on the mesh tent wall. She then flew from one side of the tent to the other…. again really low, but she flew!!  I dare not get too excited, but this is a great step forward and hopefully she will get stronger each time.  Fingers crossed.

Update: After a long recuperation this little girl finally flew well and strong and was able to be released back to the wild.

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