BLE – Orchy release

Jun 13, 2021 | Wildlife

Last night my 2nd (this month) little rescued Brown Long-eared bat, called Orchard, went home, and as we traveled across the Dorset countryside we were treated to a dusty red sunset, with a thin crescent moon hanging lazily in the sky.  I find it easier to remember each individual bat if named after the place where they were found.  In this instance, the bat was from East Orchard.

At the property, the finder was given the chance to see the little bat clearly as he sat in my gloved hand for at least 45 secs, whilst getting his bearings, before flying away.   He was a sweet and calm little bat.

The conclusion, from this poor bats experience, is that he probably went down to the bucket to get a drink of water and once in the water was unable to fly up, and away.  Little critters of all species whilst searching for a drink often fall into ponds, water butts etc, and sadly drown.  With this in mind, where possible please cover any container with a lid, and if this isn’t possible, please provide a ramp in all open water containers: bucket, watering can, water tank, water butts, etc….. as a means of escape for any unsuspecting animal, bird or reptile.

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