Wolf Hunter


Original Painting Medium: Graphite Pencil
Scientific Name: Canis lupus
Region: Northern hemisphere

My artwork, ‘Wolf Hunter’, is a pencil portrait.  In my drawing, the wolf has been shot dead by a bounty hunter.

Wolves inhabit a very small portion of their former range because of widespread extermination by humans and the destruction of their territory due to human encroachment.  Because wolf numbers are declining so rapidly, the balance of nature in these areas has been altered dramatically. As a result, the prey on which they relied are multiplying exponentially and subsequently the wilderness in which the wolves used to roam, is degrading at an alarming rate. This in turn is having a detrimental effect on other wildlife and all plant species.

In my drawing I wished to make it apparent from the hunters stance that he is proud of his actions. Each year, around the world, wolves are killed in there 1000’s by hunters who believe ‘the only good wolf – is a dead wolf’. This indiscriminate killing is also having a drastic effect on wolf populations worldwide.

My wolf drawing was produced for the book, ‘A New Era for Wolves and People’ by Dr. Marco Musiani.

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