Shared World

Available as a Fine Art Print and Greetings Card

Original Painting Medium: Graphite Pencil
Scientific Name: Canis lupus
Region: Northern hemisphere

My artwork, ‘Shared World’, is a pencil portrait. In my drawing, the wolf is depicted in front of old farm buildings that were erected hundreds of years ago.  As the human population expands, wolves are continually being forced to adapt, on a daily basis. to the intrusion of their territory and ancient hunting grounds.

Over the years many more roads and highways have snaked further into the wilderness. More and more people search for land to farm and raise sheep and cattle. Alongside this continual fragmentation and erosion of our wilderness; multi-million dollar companies are also destroying what is left of our ancient and irreplaceable forests in order to satisfy the world’s need for wood pulp. Wolves need these forests in order to survive. Wolves have no wish or desire to come into contact with human beings…. but we continually force them by removing their natural habitat and food sources.

My wolf drawing was produced for the book, ‘A New Era for Wolves and People’ by Dr. Marco Musiani. Chris Senior, a professional photographer, very kindly provided the photograph for this artwork.

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