Size: 500mm x 335mm
Frame: Burnt Gold – Mount: Ivory
Available as a Fine Art Print and Greetings Card

Original Painting Medium: Mixed Media

This painting includes two of my favourite musical instruments, the flute, and the mandolin. Since childhood, I have always enjoyed listening to and playing music.

After learning to play the Descant and Treble recorder at school, I taught myself to play the guitar. For my 21st birthday, I received a flute, which I still enjoy playing today. Whether keyboards, guitar, or flute, I have spent many an enjoyable hour playing music, albeit for my own pleasure. If not playing my instruments I just enjoy being able to see them – each is a beautiful work of art.

With this in mind, I decided to portray both my flute and mandolin. Displayed upon a green velvet cloth with the sheet music as a backdrop, my artwork is mixed media: coloured pencils, pastels, and pen and ink.

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