Golden Eagle


Original Painting Medium: Gouache
Scientific Name: Aquila chrysaetos
Region: Scottish Highlands – U.K & N. America

Eagles in the United Kingdom are best seen quartering above the open moorlands and mountains of Scotland. Their feathers are brown, black, white, and creamy buff in colour, and they have distinctive yellow legs.  Eagles eat rabbits, hares, birds, mice, chicks, and carrion. They build their nests on isolated cliff ledges and will use the same nests for generations, just adding sticks and twigs as needed.

During the early spring, male and female adults perform an impressive mating ritual together.  They soar high into the sky and gliding toward one another they make contact and lock talons. They then tumble together from the sky but before reaching the ground they let go and soar upward together again, back into the clouds.  An amazing and breathtaking sight.

My magnificent Golden Eagle is a gouache painting that depicts a Golden Eagle at his nest.

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