Mrs Popple


Original Painting Medium: Gouache
Scientific Name: Fuchsia magellanica
Region: South America

Lady’s Eardrops, Mrs. Popple, Falling Stars, Rufus the Red, Sleigh Bells, Ting-a-Ling and Sophisticated Lady are just a few of the amusing and descriptive names of the many fuchsia varieties available.

Fuchsia’s are chiefly grown for their attractive pendulous flowers that look similar to a ballet skirt and spread out to form bell-shaped flowers. The hanging delicate flowers range in colour from scarlet, rosy red, crimson, white and pink to deep purple.

When we moved into our home seven years ago we found a number of neglected, overgrown fuchsia bushes. They were very tall and straggly and during early winter we cut them back almost to ground level. Though this seemed a rather harsh procedure we were delighted with the profusion of flowers that appeared throughout the following year.

I decided I would like to portray one of these pretty plants and in 2002 painted this study in gouache and watercolour.

Fuchsia plants are native to Central and South America and New Zealand. For many years, I have made hanging baskets and often have a deliciate trailing fuchsia as a centre piece.



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