Crossing the River


Size: 390mm x 260mm
Available as a Fine Art Print and Greetings Card
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Original Painting Medium: Oil on canvas
Scientific Name: Loxodonta africana
Region: Africa

Sunset reflected on water is inspirational and combining this with my passion for elephants, made this scene a joy and a challenge to portray.

The inspiration for my oil painting came after seeing a photograph by Andrew Watts, taken whilst on holiday in the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.  Andrew stood on the banks of the Luangwa River waiting for the sun to set when the elephants suddenly and silently appeared.

Apparently, the elephants leave the park at night to forage and then return in the morning, crossing the river in the same place. Elephants often follow a regular pattern; the herd uses the same route as their ancestors to reach familiar feeding grounds. In many places, the passage of generations of elephants has carved well-worn trails, worn smooth by the tread of innumerable padded feet.

A magical sight, and thank you to Andrew for use of his photo as a reference.

Out of stock

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