Autumn Reflections

Available as a Fine Art Print and Greetings Card

Original Painting Medium: Pastel
Region: River Avon, Fordingbridge

My wish for my painting, ‘Autumn Reflections’, was to capture the vibrant autumnal colour of the trees reflected in the river. Reflections in water are tantalising and I enjoyed depicting them for this painting. The colours of the plants, trees, and grasses were vivid and accentuated, especially against the deep blue water. The little rickety gate is also intriguing as it appears to be leading nowhere. The photograph is of a flooded field and I believe the river in the background is the River Avon.  I understand that the photo was taken near Fordingbridge, in Hampshire, but it’s a mystery as to where.

‘Autumn Reflections’ is one of my earlier pastel paintings, inspired by an excellent young photographer and artist, Henry Sheriff. Thank you Henry and Gabbie for permission to portray this lovely picture.

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