Amur Leopard

Available as a Fine Art Print and Greetings Card

Original Painting Medium: Pastels
Scientific Name: Panthera pardus orientalis
Region: China and Russia

The Amur Leopard is one of the rarest big cats in the world with an estimated 35 individuals left in the wild. The Amur Leopard is classed as critically endangered.

As the cat’s main prey includes hares, and badgers, along with roe and sika deer: they are in competition with hunters and are considered a threat. For this reason, hunters snare and trap the cats and then sell their magnificent hides. Humans are contributing strongly to the endangered status of this leopard.  This along with habitat destruction is seriously affecting their chances for survival.

I really enjoyed portraying my pastel portrait of an Amur Leopard and truly hope that through education and greater protection, we are able to preserve these beautiful cats for future generations.

Thank you to professional photographer Ben Williams for the use of his lovely photo as a reference.

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