Snowy Egret


Fine Art Watercolour Paper
Giclee Prints
Approx. Size:
305mm x 430mm

Original Painting Medium: Pastel
Scientific Name: Egretta thula
Region: U.S and Southern Canada

After thoroughly enjoying portraying ‘Grace’, my white horse; my first artwork portrayed on a black background, I knew I wished to follow a similar theme with my next artwork.  The contrast of the beautiful white feathers displayed so gracefully on a black background was a challenge and a great experience.

Having always wished to portray an Egret, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to portray this beautiful bird, a Snowy Egret, using a reference photograph kindly provided by Evelyn Harrison.

The graceful Snowy Egret is a small white heron. It has a black bill with a yellow patch of skin around the eyes, black legs, and bright yellow feet.  As in my artwork, during the breeding season, the yellow feet and the yellow patch around the bill turn orangey-red.

This stunning white bird also has long white-feathered plumes on its crown, neck, and back which are used during display.  Sadly, it was for these plumes that the Egret almost became extinct during the early 19th Century.  Thankfully due to legislation and protection the bird has fully recovered and Snowy Egrets can now be found on mudflats, marshes, rocky shores, and in fresh and saltwater habitats along the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines.

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