Howling Wolf


Original Painting Medium: Graphite Pencil
Scientific Name: Canis lupus
Region: Northern hemisphere

A wolf howling at the moon is an iconic image but not necessarily a true depiction of wolf behaviour. A wolf will howl in order to make contact with his pack, especially over long distances.  Wolves will also howl to proclaim territory; warning other packs to stay away. Wolves also make a number of other sounds including growling, barking and yelping as well as communicating with facial expressions and body language.

In 2006-2007 I was invited to illustrate two books on wolf conservation and as part of the project, was delighted to be invited to a Wolf Sanctuary here in the U.K.  My ‘Howling Wolf’ pencil drawing was produced for the book, ‘A New Era for Wolves and People’ by Dr. Marco Musiani.

At the U.K Wolf Conservation Trust I had a lovely time meeting, sketching and photographing the wolves.  As the evening started started to draw in and we were about to leave, I couldn’t believe my luck….all the wolves started to howl….it was such a beautiful and haunting sound.

The night sky was indigo blue and filled with hundreds of twinkling stars ….and it just so happened that sat right above me was a large, bright, full moon.  It was the most magical experience and one I will I never forget!  I had the biggest smile on my face as we drove the long journey home.

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