Autumn Memories


Fine Art Watercolour Paper
Giclee Prints
Size: 345mm x 450mm

Original: Photograph
Region: Dorset, United Kingdom

This photo was taken in glorious autumnal sunshine on a tranquil walk up to my old Larmer Studio. I walked this track every day – and each day it was slightly different. Depending on the weather, there would be subtle changes in the colours of the trees and plants.  I might also see a fallow or roe deer, I would hear different bird songs, catch sight of a vole, hare, mole, or wood mouse, or see a shiny, iridescent beetle scurrying through the undergrowth. And as Autumn progressed the leaves would become the most beautiful golden-yellow, and burnished red, dotted with the leaves of green – still yet to turn. Nature just going about its business. As the leaves in the treetops would change colour so quickly and then fall, I was pleased to have been able to capture this glorious moment in time – a lovely autumnal memory.

As with all my Fine Art Prints, my print of ‘Autumn Memories’, is printed onto archival paper using quality pigmented inks.

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