Fine Art Watercolour Paper
Giclee Prints
Size: 470mm x 297mm

Original Painting Medium: Pastel

A few years ago whilst living at Larmer Tree, I was commissioned by Mr. William Gronow-Davis to paint two portraits of Alex, his handsome, elegant, and gentle-natured whippet. This beautiful whippet was a pleasure to portray, and a super introduction to this lovely breed. After I had completed the two portraits,  I decided to paint Alex again for myself.

The whippet was developed at the end of the nineteenth century through crossings among the greyhound, the Italian greyhound, and the terrier. Its name derives from the expression ‘whip it’, meaning to move quickly. The whippets’ personality is described as happy, affectionate, dignified, intelligent, and docile. Due to its excellent character, the whippet is a good companion dog as well as an attentive watchdog. The two portraits were a lovely and much-appreciated commission.

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