Fine Art Watercolour Paper
Giclee Print
35 x 45 cm
Size: 74 x 59 cm

Original Painting Medium: Charcoal, Pastel

Horses are truly magnificent creatures. I love the look and the temperament of large working Shire horses, and also love the majesty and beauty of Arab horses.

In this particular portrait, I was fascinated by the cast shadows and play of light emphasising the muscles and power of this handsome horse.  I have called my portrait ‘Grace’, as suggested by my dear friend Chrissie. Thank you also to the photographer, Ainslie Gilles-Patel for allowing me to portray her beautiful photograph. The approach to this particular portrait involved a new technique – it was an exciting journey, and a joy to portray.

In 1989, I started my career as a Pet Portrait artist; drawing mainly pet dog and cat portraits and including wildlife artwork wherever possible. Within a very short time, I was delighted to also be receiving horse portrait commissions. This is my first horse portrait using black and white charcoal and pastel.

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