Kindersong ~ Black Horse


Size: 90mm x 90mm x 3mm

My Black Horse Coasters are sold individually, presented in a pretty, white, sheer organza gift bag, with a ribbon drawstring made of satin.  They are also available in sets of four; presented in a stylish Gift Box with an embossed silver logo. Each coaster has a hard, glossy, heat-resistant, melamine surface.

From childhood, I have always enjoyed drawing using pencils and for this subject, a pencil portrait seemed most appropriate. Horses are magnificent creatures and this warmblood horse, was an absolute pleasure to portray. Warmbloods are a group of sport horse breeds and the term distinguishes this type of horse from the coldbloods and hotbloods. Coldbloods are generally known as heavy or draft horses such as Shire and Suffolk Punch and hotbloods as Thoroughbreds and Arabians.

Many thanks to Sally, David, Tracey, and Bug for the use of their photo as reference.
© Horsepix


Decorative coasters add style and character to your home, whilst also protecting your furniture from scratches and spills. My coasters have a glossy, heat-resistant surface and sturdy hardwood base. Whether matching or contrasting designs; our glossy sheen coasters are the perfect accompaniment to any table.

Available individually wrapped, my coasters are a decorative, useful gift and a great Christmas Stocking filler.

Each Presentation Gift Box contains four coasters, soft white padding to protect the coasters, plus a short description of the artist. This delightful Gift Set is suitable for All Occasions including Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, and Anniversaries and makes an ideal, personal and perfect gift!


If you are undecided as to which coaster design to choose, you can now Mix and Match!! Press the CONTACT button and ‘Request Your Customised Order’. Just let me know which 4 individually selected designs you would like to be placed in your Gift Box.


Looking for a card to accompany your ‘Kindersong’ coasters? I have a variety of cards including a ‘Kindersong’ card, plus fine art prints and mugs available from my SHOP.

Hints & tips: To clean coasters, simply wipe with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.

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