Wolf Eye


Greetings Card/Notelet
148mm x 105mm

Original Painting Medium: Graphite Pencil
Scientific Name: Canis lupus
Region: Northern hemisphere

When a wolf looks at you, it makes contact and stirs emotions deep within your soul. A wolf’s eye is full of knowing, understanding and mystery.  Wolves are extremely intelligent animals and their sense of sight, smell and hearing is far greater than ours.

Man’s association with the wolf stems back 1,000’s of years and has subsequently led to our modern day relationship with dogs.

Since becoming a Wildlife Artist, I have always dreamed of illustrating a natural history book, or a publication for a conservation society.  In 2006, my love of dogs and my journey into the world of art brought me back full circle; to the beginning of man’s relationship with our four-legged furry friends. I was invited to illustrate two books on Wolf Conservation.

My graphite pencil ‘Wolf Eye’ drawing was produced for the book, ‘A New Era for Wolves and People’ by Dr. Marco Musiani and I was invited to meet and sketch wolves as reference for the wolf books. Meeting a wolf triggers a mixture of primeval emotions: it was a wonderful and humbling experience.   Professional photographer, Chris Senior, very kindly provided the photograph for me to use as reference for this drawing.

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