Giraffe Portrait


Greetings Card
175mm x 125mm

Original Painting Medium: Oil on canvas
Scientific Name: Giraffa camelopardalis
Region: Africa

Majestic and leisurely in movement, the long legged giraffe lives in the African savannah, south of the Sahara. There are 9 sub-species of giraffe. Each giraffe species has their own coat pattern and this indicates the area from which each species originate from.  Giraffes prefer dry open country covered with bush and occasionally will venture into areas lightly wooded with acacia trees.

As giraffes can reach a height of 15-18ft we rarely have the opportunity to see one face to face. I wanted to portray this chap as he towered above the bushes with his curious watchful expression.  Andrew Watts kindly provided photographic reference. My Giraffe painting is an oil painting on canvas.

These graceful creatures have found a niche in which they can live quite contentedly. Using a long flexible prehensile tongue giraffes eat the nutritious leaves at the tops of the trees. With well developed mobile lips they tear off the twigs, fruit and the prickliest shoots without having to compete with other herbivores.

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