Labrador Retriever


Greetings Card
148mm x 148mm

Original Painting Medium: Pastel

After completing a series of labrador paintings, drawings and pastel portrait commissions for a labrador breeder and enthusiast, I decided to portray this labrador, in pastel, for myself. I have since portrayed a Black Labrador Retriever and through my Labrador artwork support the Labrador rescue society.

Native to Newfoundland, this breed was first brought to Great Britain in 1800 by English ships coming from Labrador. With an intelligent expression, robust head and powerful neck the labrador is a good companion and working dog. There are three colour forms: black, liver and yellow.

The labrador is lively, affectionate, lovable and works well as a the famous Guide Dog, or also retrieving for its master. Working in marshes and water it used to help fishermen draw in their nets.

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